Friday, March 30, 2007

Fairy Dust?

What the heck is all that shiny stuff in my hair? Teri said it looks like fairy dust. We did our usual girly lunch date for the week and wandered into Cinnamon Girl and took photos of each other.

We even had the salesgirl take a photo of us in front of the pot of flowers.

They have the cutest things in that store. I could find a lot of things to buy for myself. Then we saw this cute pink bathing suit which I thought would be appropriate for Teri's cruise next month especially when she goes swimming in the pool on top of the deck.

We had our share of fun in that store. And maybe next week, we'll actually do some real shopping.


A message from alohagirl... said...

Thanks for downloading the DL will be easier, right? I love the lunch and shopping dates...I hope I can find my formal gown and bathing suit...heading to Ross sometime this weekend!

Sensational J said...

u ladies r 2 cute!! TFS!!

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