Saturday, May 12, 2007

Last Week Sunday
We took our cars back to Tony Honda and left with 2 brand new cars. Our leases had expired so it was time to turn the cars in and get the newbies. I just love the smell of a brand new car. And the riding is so smooth... It was sad to let go of my old car but it's
always nice to get a new one. Heres some photos that I took. See the car on the left, thats my baby. The one on the right is my hub's car.

Now here's Brian driving
up with my new car. See, I
got the same color.
My hubs got the same car but he got it in black.
How crazy is that??? We
have the same cars.

Here's the 2 Brians that sold us the cars. Hey, if you want to get a Honda, go see the 2 Brians. They gave us outstanding service!

Oh, and I did not forget. I
made my hubs pick out the winner for the RAK.
And the winner is......
l8ybug2!!! The correct answer was... my hubs was pumping gas while I waited
in the car. I guess it was a little hard to figure out what he was doing in the rain but I must say that a bunch of you ladies hit it right on the nose. So l8ybug2, please email me with your addy so I can send your package out.
Have a great Saturday everyone cause I gotta get ready before my sista Teri shows up. We scrappin' today and I'll post pictures later. TTFN!


Jen said...

Hey Sistah, you get too much space between this blog and the part where we have to comment - you gotta go back in (edit postings), and delete all that extra "space" so no need scroll down so much to comment.

Anyways - FYI, in case Rita doesn't reply, her website is: - she's a sweetie, one of my loyal readers too.

Ohhh!!! Love the new cars - I was lucky to see it yesterday, huh?! Charlie n' I have been thinking about leasing (his car at least), but don't know if it'll cost us more or what?! What's your input on this?!

Have a great day with Teri...oh la la...

A message from alohagirl... said...

Love your new car! Your old car still had the new car smell! Thank U for a wonderful scrapping day! I loved making the SB and the frame...can't wait for the tutorial!

Dawn Mercedes said...

rita is on the blog candy winning roll! way to go!

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