Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Mother's Day...

Okay, so heres what I made my mother-in-law. I scraplifted
the album idea from a make-it take-it I did at Memory Trends 2006, last October. And I can't remember exactly what company offered it. But it was made out of a white portfolio. I used all my leftover scraps from the recipe swap that I made for Jen's recipe swap. I'll post a picture of that later. For the inside of this album, I printed wallet sized photos from her birthday party back in April. The inside is divided in 3 parts and I made cards to stick in there.
Heres what the inside looked like. When you take the cards out, there are pictures at the bottom of each card.

You can't see it in the first picture but on the 2nd picture you can see what it looked like when
you pulled the cards out of the pockets.
She really loved it and so did the rest of the family.
And here is the recipe card that I made for Jen's recipe swap. The leaves look almost black in this
picture but it's actually a nice olive green color.

I will post the little minibook on my next post because this one wore me out putting up all the pictures.


Jen said...

Love your mama's day gift!!! I bought those swirls (actually Cyrus did - my 2 yr old!), can't wait to use them!!! Love your swap too, sister!!! Thanks for participating!!!

Jean said...

Wow, cool Mother's Day card! I like the recipe card, too. Now I like eat Kamaboko Dip, lol!

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