Monday, July 05, 2010

It's Monday

I've had this pillow box lying on my craft table for months now. I can't even remember why I put it together in the first place. But after I colored and cut Monday out, she fit perfect on the box. She's one of the new stamps from the Greeting Farm.I used a Sizzix XL die called pillow box. I cut the flower out of chipboard. The flower is a new die called flower with leaves and stem. I embossed the box with the birds, flowers and branches embossing folder set from Sizzix. And did you know that pink is my favorite color?
My husband and I had a little embarrassing moment this morning during our walk to the beach. He got stopped by a policeman while running through the "don't walk" light. We tend to run through the crosswalk if there are no cars even though the light signal says don't walk. Well, the policeman told him that the fine for that is $130 but he was letting him go and not to do it again. I actually stopped myself before running alongside with him since I saw the police car coming with blue lights flashing and I didn't want to get in trouble. Whew! We were lucky he didn't fine us.
Anyways, hope you had a great holiday weekend. Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful evening!


Creative Grammie said...

I just love how you decorated your pillow box.
your hubby was so lucky to get a warning instead of a ticket. A few years back when C & C first started the clicket or ticket, my husband became the proud owner of a $92 ticket for not clicking it. After helping someone push their car out of the way of traffic, he got back into his truck, drove off while he trying to put on his seatbelt. The blue and white stopped him and gave him a ticket.

Charlene said...

Love the box Cheryl, the flower really adds to it., you colored the stamped girl really cute!! Really enjoy all of your paper crafting ideas!! Tell Cliff he was lucky not to have gotten a ticket!!

Lynn said...

Cheryl, you did a fantastic coloring job on Monday (Is that really her name or did you just color her on Monday?) I love the overall look of your project and I like pink,too. Keep inspiring me. I guess there are lots of Greeting Farm stamps I've yet to purchase...LOL!

Jen said...

Good Morning Ms. Cheryl! Phew is right, huh? I could imagine the racing of your heartbeats at that moment. Ah, Praise God that Cliff didn't get that ticket. I'm sure Cliff knows what a blessing it is, and that the Lord was reminding him to slow down n' obey the Law. =0)

Love your pillow box, sister!! It turned out so cute!

Big Hugs n' Blessings,

Joy said...

such a cute pillow box. that is a great Monday too. I just bought her. I think these creepys grow on you. haha! have a wonderful weekend!

eunice said...

Neat-o pillow box! Are the XL dies the ones that can only be used in the new very large cutting machine? I really like the flower that a XL die too?
Thanks for sharing the story about your police encounter as a warning to us all. They are getting really strict with pedestrians now because of all the recent unfortunate pedestrian fatalities.

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