Thursday, July 15, 2010

Monday again

Have you ever had one of those crafty days when nothing seemed to come out right? This one was a disaster from the start. Although you probably can't see it, there is a rip in the paper on the left side of the white background. After I made the shaker part of this box, I realized that I didn't put enough beads in it because when you looked at it, you couldn't see any beads. So, me being the perfectionist that I am, I pulled the box apart, shaker beads and all. While doing that, I ripped the paper. Oops! Then after putting the box together again, while I was tying down the flap, the beads started falling out of the box. Oh my! Half of it is in my carpet.
So after putting the box together again for the 3rd time, I ended up punching the holes on the flap towards the left of the box. It should of been centered but it is what it is.
Here's a side view of the box.
Stamp is "Monday" from TGF. Box is a Sizzix pro die called tall box with scallop flap. Shaker beads and butterfly punch are Martha Stewart. Oval and scallop ovals are Spellbinders nesties.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!!


Charlene said...

Cute bag, cannot tell that you took it apart and had trouble with it. I like it.

eunice said...

LOL, is nice to hear that I'm not the only one who has craft disasters like this! Your box looks great...can't see any sign of any mishaps!

Teri said...

Cute shaker box! Gotta chuckle about your bead issues because I tore open one of the cards I made twice too and then the beads started sneaking out from this tiny hole that I didn't see...anyway, this is super cute! love the colors. See you at lunch today!

Gracie said...

Very, very cute! I agree with can't tell that you had any trouble at all making this. Great job! =)

Creative Grammie said...

This is such a nice bag, can't tell you had any trouble at all.

Jen said...

Yes, it is what it is, and it turned out cute. No one would even notice if you didn't mention it. I love it. Love all the orange you've been working it. So creamsicle looking!!

God Bless!

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