Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And so the conversation went like this...

Me: Can you please stir the corn?
Him: How? With what?
Me: What do you mean with what? Get a spoon!
Him: (Stirs it with a fork) Nice.
Me: Well, turn the stove off before it burns.
Him: How?
Me: The knob... you know turn the knob!
Him: Where? Which one?
Me: Brah, you can read? The knob that says "left front".
Him: How do you expect me to do this when you don't tell me what to do.
Me: Um, I hope you can read.
Him: (He walks out of the kitchen cause really, it's all my fault)
Me: Men...

I stamped these cards a couple weeks ago and forgot to post them. I made samples for one of the stores here.

All the cards were made using Hero clear stamps. Have a goodnight everyone!


Jean said...

Lol Cheryl! It is just like I was there with you. I know exactly how you felt!!

A message from alohagirl... said...

Love the cards! color combos are nice!

Jen said...

hahahhahaha.... too hilarious!!!! I think that's his way of making like he doesn't know how to do it, so he don't have to be in the kitchen.... das why I tell Charlie, "no need - get out!". hahaha.... das ok sweetie - we love em, but cannot live without em.... love the cards! They are sooo cute!!!

Jus' Mo and Jo said...

Soooo funny. You are not alone...every other woman out there knows how you feel. Like Jen said, they like to act helpless or make a total mess so you don't want them there! They ain't stupid, they are playin' us! Love it, thanks for the laughs! Hey and happy birthday too!

Jus' Mo

Jen said...

Happy B-lated Birthday Sweetie!! Just heard that you celebrated with Teri yesterday. Looks like you both had fun, and that dessert... oh yummy!!! 21 looks good on you!!!


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