Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scrapped the night away...

I belong to a couple kit clubs and let me tell you, these babies keep piling up. I turn around and another one shows up at my door. But, they're the best things to have because you just use all the goodies in the kit and you can make a ton of pages.
And my husband kept asking me why I had to have a crown on my head but hey, cause I'm the princess das why.

I know, these photos look kind of dark but I took them late last night and was too tired to take them again. Still trying to learn how to use my Canon Rebel XTI and if anyone out there has some tips, please share cause I really need the help.

These were made from 3 different kits. And I got way more stash in these kits to make a ton more. It's like overdosing.
My goal this week is to use up some of these babies to make room for more.
Have a great day everyone and I'll be posting more layouts this week.


Jean said...

I love these layouts! I always consider joining a scrap club, but I know it would just build up. I can't even get a handle on all the stuff I already have, lol.

A message from alohagirl... said...

Very nice! Glad I was able to see these IRL...love the crown! I know I couldn't join a scrap club. I cant even complete the SB kits that I bought!!

Jus' Mo and Jo said...

You go girl with your princess crown! I am with Teri...clubs?? I can barely browse through the ton of magazines that show up every month, but I would NEVER want to cancel, hey I might miss something!

Jus' Mo

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