Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Blue Box

Who would of known, that on our way to dinner Saturday night, there was a blue box with a card under it right by the foot of my seat! I really thought that since he forgot about our anniversary, he also forgot about buying me a card and a gift. Because, I really forgot and didn't buy him anything... But hey, we get to the parking lot and I'm getting out of the car and I see the blue box by my foot. I almost stepped on it but I was also shaking with excitement cause I knew there was a piece of jewelry in that box. He gave me a necklace called the hugging heart. So sweet of him to buy me jewelry. Of course I felt bad because I didn't have a card or a gift for him. So I told him that I would pay for dinner. We went to eat at Macaroni Grill and both ended up eating the same thing.
Heres a picture of the bread and olive oil they bring to your table before your meal. Being that we both love bread, we ate 2 of these. Heres one of our meal. It was a pasta with butter, garlic sauce and chicken and asparagus. We didn't even have room for dessert.
Heres a photo of us after our meal. We went shopping after to walk off the meal.

Have a good night everyone! I'll post some layouts tomorrow.


Teri said...

You spoiled girl! I love the hugging heart!!

Little C's Creations said...

awwww... he's a sweetie!!! I love the bread that they bring to the table, and with the oil - yummy! You guys should mix in some balsamic vinegar, cause that is sooo ono with it too!!! I'm not a jewelry kinda girl - but if Charlie gives me an electronic gadget, he gets lucky for awhile... hahahaha

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