Friday, June 29, 2007


Yesterday, I went there to buy a small pad of printed scrapbook paper but ended up buying a bunch of stamps. And after getting the new Stampin Up catalog today from Teri, I got motivated to use the stamps and make something. I just love Hero Arts new birdie stamps! I used my Cricut and cut out the bag, added some punches, texturizing and stamping and this is what I came up with.

I cut this big flower using the Cricut and punched, texturized and stamped the same little birdie.
I'll be stamping more on the weekend and will post the rest later.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The need

To finish scrapping a trip album from 2005. Can't believe it's taking me this long. It was our first trip to Chicago for the CHA summer show. And here we are getting ready to leave next month for the same show in Chicago. I scrapped in 3's. Here's what I came up with.

I made these 3 layouts from 3 different kits. Need to use up all my stash because the pile is getting higher with every month. So, 8 pages left and the album will be done.
Have a great evening everyone! Will post the rest later.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Found the time

To stamp a tag for Jen's sketch challenge. Oops, I forget which one. I think number 3. Anyways, go check it out on her blog. I started out doing a whole different tag but ended up changing my mind several times and this was the end result. The robot looks a little crooked but it really is straight on the tag. Must be the way I shot the photo.
If you get a chance, go make a tag and post it for Jen's sketch challenge. This was the first time for me and I had fun doing it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Didn't get a chance

To finish posting last night about Father's Day. We had lunch at Genki Sushi at Windward City Shopping Center. It was so nice seeing my dad and hearing about their recent trip to Vegas. I really need to make more effort to visit him and spend some time with him. My little brother also gave me a lei for my birthday. If you look closely, you can see it. That was so sweet
of him.
Here's my little bro and his girlfriend. And, he's 2 years younger than my son.
So how was your Father's Day? We had such a nice time today visiting with my family.

Here's a picture of my hubs. He was real stuffed by the time I took this picture of him. If you ever get a chance to eat at Genki Sushi, ask for the dessert menu. It is onolicious!

On the set

Just a quickie to show you guys some photos from the show taping on Friday. That's Brad setting up the cameras. And see the table in the middle, that's where everything is taped.
The show will air in August. This is the final one of the 4 projects that I had to tape. Even though I have taped a bunch of shows, I still get nervous being in front of the camera.
And here's the toy that I had to do the projects with. The Big Shot machine from Sizzix. Jus wanted to share this with you.
Several days ago...

I celebrated another birthday. Yikes!!! My friend Teri took me to lunch to help celebrate my special day. We went to California Pizza Kitchen and I was surprised that she had never eaten there before. We had such a great time together, as always and we didn't even allow enough time to shop. We ate half of our lunch to make room for the sweets.

Dessert was just delish! All I know is that it had to be chocolate for the both of us.

Then later in the evening, my hubs came home with this cake for me. Boy, I had enough sweet treats for a week.
I also got some really nice gifts from everyone. Made me feel so special.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Truly appreciate it cause my birthday is always a hard day for me since my mom is no longer here to share it with me.
Well, that's it for now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And so the conversation went like this...

Me: Can you please stir the corn?
Him: How? With what?
Me: What do you mean with what? Get a spoon!
Him: (Stirs it with a fork) Nice.
Me: Well, turn the stove off before it burns.
Him: How?
Me: The knob... you know turn the knob!
Him: Where? Which one?
Me: Brah, you can read? The knob that says "left front".
Him: How do you expect me to do this when you don't tell me what to do.
Me: Um, I hope you can read.
Him: (He walks out of the kitchen cause really, it's all my fault)
Me: Men...

I stamped these cards a couple weeks ago and forgot to post them. I made samples for one of the stores here.

All the cards were made using Hero clear stamps. Have a goodnight everyone!
Scrapped the night away...

I belong to a couple kit clubs and let me tell you, these babies keep piling up. I turn around and another one shows up at my door. But, they're the best things to have because you just use all the goodies in the kit and you can make a ton of pages.
And my husband kept asking me why I had to have a crown on my head but hey, cause I'm the princess das why.

I know, these photos look kind of dark but I took them late last night and was too tired to take them again. Still trying to learn how to use my Canon Rebel XTI and if anyone out there has some tips, please share cause I really need the help.

These were made from 3 different kits. And I got way more stash in these kits to make a ton more. It's like overdosing.
My goal this week is to use up some of these babies to make room for more.
Have a great day everyone and I'll be posting more layouts this week.
The Blue Box

Who would of known, that on our way to dinner Saturday night, there was a blue box with a card under it right by the foot of my seat! I really thought that since he forgot about our anniversary, he also forgot about buying me a card and a gift. Because, I really forgot and didn't buy him anything... But hey, we get to the parking lot and I'm getting out of the car and I see the blue box by my foot. I almost stepped on it but I was also shaking with excitement cause I knew there was a piece of jewelry in that box. He gave me a necklace called the hugging heart. So sweet of him to buy me jewelry. Of course I felt bad because I didn't have a card or a gift for him. So I told him that I would pay for dinner. We went to eat at Macaroni Grill and both ended up eating the same thing.
Heres a picture of the bread and olive oil they bring to your table before your meal. Being that we both love bread, we ate 2 of these. Heres one of our meal. It was a pasta with butter, garlic sauce and chicken and asparagus. We didn't even have room for dessert.
Heres a photo of us after our meal. We went shopping after to walk off the meal.

Have a good night everyone! I'll post some layouts tomorrow.

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