Thursday, December 13, 2007

Couple samples for the store

Last weekend I played around with some chipboard that I had sitting on my work table. I followed the idea sheet that I had (it's been awhile) to come up with this and a few changes.
I used the Retro frame die, Fleur de lis die, and Baby Says Yeah die. Although you can't see it, I texturized the frame using the checkerboard pattern and poured black glitter all over the frame. The Fleur de lis is also glittered with pink glitter and I put some bling in the corner.
I used the same Retro frame die for the second photo but this time I used the Christmas texture plate for the chipboard. I also poured red glitter on the fleur de lis to make it look real Christmasy.
If you want to see it up close, I left them at the
Sorry for the lack of blogging. I get so lazy trying to post photos to the blog. Hope you're all having a great Thursday!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Where in the world am I?

Whew, it's been so hectic lately! Plus, I get lazy just thinking about hooking the camera up to the computer to download all the photos I've taken.

Here's a photo of the project I did for a local t.v. show taping.

Stamps used are Mindy's Zoo from Autumn Leaves, Hero Arts Manuscript background and one of Hero Art's saying sets. Can't remember the name of it. The paper flower on the Maya Road tin was made using one of the Sizzlet heart dies from Sizzix. You can't see it, but I actually sewed all the hearts together to make the flower.
This year we celebrated Thanksgiving by ordering Chinese food. As you all know, I have never made a turkey and I don't know how to cook. So everyone wanted Chinese for dinner which was perfect since we all love to eat Peking Duck.
Hope you're all having a happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I know, bad blogger again. I've been keeping myself busy working on projects for taping a local t.v. show that will air next year. I'll post some photos later this week. And, I have some photos that we took last weekend, after I fix em up.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Snowflake project

Hi everyone, sorry for the little absence on my blog again. It can be rough at times when you are self employed.
Just wanted to show you a project for a make-it take-it that I will be doing at Ben Franklin Crafts in Pearl City this Saturday. If you have some time on Saturday, come to the store and make an ornament for your Christmas tree.

Hope you're all having a Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello... anyone still visits here???

I've been so busy these past few weeks that my blog was very neglected.
I have some projects to post and hopefully will upload them on my blog sometime this week.
So, I'll be doing some make-it take-it projects at stores around the island next month.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I told my hubs I wanted to go do our picnic thing that we used to do on Sundays. We went to Fukuya's to pick up our okazuya and headed to Kahala Beach Park. And of course I brought my camera with me to play with since I haven't done that since I got it for Christmas. How sad is that?
We found a nice cool breezy spot under one of the coconut trees. There was a little birthday party going on so I had to take a photo of that. The little kidos were in the Bob the Builder bounce house.
Heres the bridge that connects over the little river that goes into the ocean.

My hubs took this photo of me. He was having more fun playing with my camera. He likes to hear the sound when you can take several photos all in a row. Crazy huh?

Heres a photo of what used to be a pier and now is under the water.

And I had to get a couple shots of my hubs playing in the ocean. I wanted to see if I could get the water drops in the photo, and I did.

And the last photo cracked me up! You had to be there to see it. My hubs was trying to get a drink out of the water fountain but instead the water
was shooting out from the base of the fountain.
Can you see it? Haha!
Well, hope your Monday is great! I'm happy cause my call for jury duty got cancelled.
Okay, back to work.

Monday, September 10, 2007

More class stuff

I am actually keeping up with this online class which is hard to believe. Except I am now a day late since I haven't started on Sunday's prompt and I have Monday's one to work on too. I'll get to that later.
This weekend was a little different for me since I volunteered to work the store for my husband.

That's something I have never done since we got married. I have a hard time staying in one place too long. Which is why I'm a rep.
To keep myself busy between helping customers, I worked on 2 layouts so I could keep up with the class.
I really tried to keep these simple but I always end up putting more stuff on my pages to fill the empty spaces.

All the supplies used are from the Mod line. Buttons are Foofala, clear flowers MM, and of course all die cuts are Sizzix and ribbons are Mod.
I think the journaling might be a little hard to read but email me if you have questions.
This is a fun class to do and you meet a lot of ladies from all over the globe. I just hope I can keep up with the daily prompts.

I'll post more as I finish my layouts.
Have a great evening!

Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm on a roll...

So far I've been keeping up with my daily journal page. Here's the first layout for day 2.
I used Mod paper and ribbon and some red bling for the center of the flowers.
My daughter was leaving on a 2 week trip and I thought I wouldn't be able to handle her being gone from home. But I kept myself busy while she was gone.
And I'm also posting today's layout for day 3. The last time we went to
Chicago for CHA in July '05, it was so hot! So this time I didn't even think of checking the weather but packed clothes for hot summer days. And boy was I wrong! We ended up in a stormy week and the hottest day there was 73 degrees and the coldest was 62 degrees. I never got to wear my tank tops that I packed for the trip. On this layout I used Sizzix, Mod buttons and ribbon.
I'll post tomorrow's layout hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's that time again

I had an invitation to do Shimelle's online class again for the month of September. And since it was free for me (being an alumni), I decided, what the heck. I think I can handle 1 layout a day for a month. Although last year, I spent Saturday's playing catch up and making 7-8 layouts at a time. Talk about stress. So this time I told myself to "keep it simple". Here's what my cover page looks like. Hope you're all having a great Labor Day weekend. BTW, the layout is 6x6 which makes it easier to scrap. Stay tuned for today's layout.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Surprise, surprise

Remember that? I used to watch Gomer Pile all the time on t.v. and after getting my mail this week, that's what I got. My JT's RAK card from Deb! Such a beauty that she sent me. I love it! This card has so many layers on it. Even the back of the card has layers. If you're reading this Deb,
thanks so much!
Well, I'm up early this morning trying to finish packing up my things and hopefully not forgetting anything. I'll be at the Paper Party at Ben Franklin Crafts in Pearl City doing a make-it take-it. It will be fun and the ladies usually have such a great time. Hope you're having a great Saturday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 4 letter word...

B..U..S..Y.. Yep, that's me right now. Busy seeing accounts, writing orders, returning calls, problems, working on make-it take-its, etc... Always a good thing to be busy.
For you Hawaii gals, if you have some time this Saturday, stop by Ben Franklin Crafts in Pearl City. I'll be there from 10-11:30 doing a make-it take-it. We'll be making this cute little Halloween treat bag using Hero Arts stamps. Great for giving office workers some treats on Halloween or for the kiddies at school.

I also want to share with you some cool ornaments that my friend Jean made. She designs her own line of stamps and I've been selling them for her. The stamps are called Dandelion Designs. She will also be at the paper

party on Saturday.
Hope to see you there!

(Sorry for the bright orange photo-not quite sure why it turned out so bright)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Blog neglect. Yep, it's been awhile. Still trying to play catch up and deal with the everyday madness of being self employed. So, I still haven't posted pictures from our trip to CHA. I'm working on that too. But I did do some scrapping over the weekend. It was one of those pages that has taken me awhile to finish. I kept changing my mind on the layout. Here's the finished product.
And I'm trying to finish this Chicago trip album from way back in 2005. Few more pages to go and it will be finished. I used an Ellison die to cut out my leaves and Amy Butler paper.
Some Fontwerk stamps, Hero stamps, Doodlebug Frills, buttons, and good old zigzaggy scissors.
Have a good humpday everyone!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Back from CHA, but JT's Rak first.

Wow! We got back from CHA on Monday and I had a surprise in the mail. I got my Rak card in the mail from Tracy. Take a look at this card that she made for me. There is so much detail and layering. I tell you, this card is just fabulous!!! You have to see it IRL. Not only did I get this card but she also put some goodies in the envelope for me. Thank you Tracy!

Here's the Rak card that I made for Pat Sergeant. I'm not sure if she has a blog, but Pat if you do can you send me your blog addy?
I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from the time difference. Hopefully I'll be better by the weekend. I've been sleeping early and waking up really early. Also drinking Starbucks to keep myself awake in the evening and it is not working.

I'll post photos from the show and the sights that we visited in Chicago in my next post.
Well, off to bed and hopefully I'll sleep longer tonight.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tagged Twice

First from Jen of Pieces of Me, and Teri of Big Ideas From A Little Girl. So I'm supposed to list 7 things about me. Here goes...

1) I don't like to cook. And even if I did, you wouldn't want to eat it. Ask my kids. They can tell you stories about my cooking that even I forgot about.
2) I love alternative music and rock. Gwen Stefani is my fave and wish I was going to her concert next month.
3) I have a major obsession with shoes. My closet and half of another closet is filled with shoe boxes. I don't remember when it started but I probably had the most shoes in highschool.
4) I'm OCD with certain things. I'm always washing my hands and whenever I take things out, I have to put them back where they came from. It makes me crazy if something is out of place.
5) My husband always buys me bags. Especially Louis Vuitton bags. Guess I am spoiled but I use them everyday.
6) I run several times a week. I've been skinny all my life and have this fear of being out of shape.
7) I need to eat rice everyday. In fact, I can just eat rice as a meal.

Please consider yourself tagged if you read this and link us to your blog.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Yesterday, I went there to buy a small pad of printed scrapbook paper but ended up buying a bunch of stamps. And after getting the new Stampin Up catalog today from Teri, I got motivated to use the stamps and make something. I just love Hero Arts new birdie stamps! I used my Cricut and cut out the bag, added some punches, texturizing and stamping and this is what I came up with.

I cut this big flower using the Cricut and punched, texturized and stamped the same little birdie.
I'll be stamping more on the weekend and will post the rest later.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The need

To finish scrapping a trip album from 2005. Can't believe it's taking me this long. It was our first trip to Chicago for the CHA summer show. And here we are getting ready to leave next month for the same show in Chicago. I scrapped in 3's. Here's what I came up with.

I made these 3 layouts from 3 different kits. Need to use up all my stash because the pile is getting higher with every month. So, 8 pages left and the album will be done.
Have a great evening everyone! Will post the rest later.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Found the time

To stamp a tag for Jen's sketch challenge. Oops, I forget which one. I think number 3. Anyways, go check it out on her blog. I started out doing a whole different tag but ended up changing my mind several times and this was the end result. The robot looks a little crooked but it really is straight on the tag. Must be the way I shot the photo.
If you get a chance, go make a tag and post it for Jen's sketch challenge. This was the first time for me and I had fun doing it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Didn't get a chance

To finish posting last night about Father's Day. We had lunch at Genki Sushi at Windward City Shopping Center. It was so nice seeing my dad and hearing about their recent trip to Vegas. I really need to make more effort to visit him and spend some time with him. My little brother also gave me a lei for my birthday. If you look closely, you can see it. That was so sweet
of him.
Here's my little bro and his girlfriend. And, he's 2 years younger than my son.
So how was your Father's Day? We had such a nice time today visiting with my family.

Here's a picture of my hubs. He was real stuffed by the time I took this picture of him. If you ever get a chance to eat at Genki Sushi, ask for the dessert menu. It is onolicious!

On the set

Just a quickie to show you guys some photos from the show taping on Friday. That's Brad setting up the cameras. And see the table in the middle, that's where everything is taped.
The show will air in August. This is the final one of the 4 projects that I had to tape. Even though I have taped a bunch of shows, I still get nervous being in front of the camera.
And here's the toy that I had to do the projects with. The Big Shot machine from Sizzix. Jus wanted to share this with you.
Several days ago...

I celebrated another birthday. Yikes!!! My friend Teri took me to lunch to help celebrate my special day. We went to California Pizza Kitchen and I was surprised that she had never eaten there before. We had such a great time together, as always and we didn't even allow enough time to shop. We ate half of our lunch to make room for the sweets.

Dessert was just delish! All I know is that it had to be chocolate for the both of us.

Then later in the evening, my hubs came home with this cake for me. Boy, I had enough sweet treats for a week.
I also got some really nice gifts from everyone. Made me feel so special.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Truly appreciate it cause my birthday is always a hard day for me since my mom is no longer here to share it with me.
Well, that's it for now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And so the conversation went like this...

Me: Can you please stir the corn?
Him: How? With what?
Me: What do you mean with what? Get a spoon!
Him: (Stirs it with a fork) Nice.
Me: Well, turn the stove off before it burns.
Him: How?
Me: The knob... you know turn the knob!
Him: Where? Which one?
Me: Brah, you can read? The knob that says "left front".
Him: How do you expect me to do this when you don't tell me what to do.
Me: Um, I hope you can read.
Him: (He walks out of the kitchen cause really, it's all my fault)
Me: Men...

I stamped these cards a couple weeks ago and forgot to post them. I made samples for one of the stores here.

All the cards were made using Hero clear stamps. Have a goodnight everyone!
Scrapped the night away...

I belong to a couple kit clubs and let me tell you, these babies keep piling up. I turn around and another one shows up at my door. But, they're the best things to have because you just use all the goodies in the kit and you can make a ton of pages.
And my husband kept asking me why I had to have a crown on my head but hey, cause I'm the princess das why.

I know, these photos look kind of dark but I took them late last night and was too tired to take them again. Still trying to learn how to use my Canon Rebel XTI and if anyone out there has some tips, please share cause I really need the help.

These were made from 3 different kits. And I got way more stash in these kits to make a ton more. It's like overdosing.
My goal this week is to use up some of these babies to make room for more.
Have a great day everyone and I'll be posting more layouts this week.
The Blue Box

Who would of known, that on our way to dinner Saturday night, there was a blue box with a card under it right by the foot of my seat! I really thought that since he forgot about our anniversary, he also forgot about buying me a card and a gift. Because, I really forgot and didn't buy him anything... But hey, we get to the parking lot and I'm getting out of the car and I see the blue box by my foot. I almost stepped on it but I was also shaking with excitement cause I knew there was a piece of jewelry in that box. He gave me a necklace called the hugging heart. So sweet of him to buy me jewelry. Of course I felt bad because I didn't have a card or a gift for him. So I told him that I would pay for dinner. We went to eat at Macaroni Grill and both ended up eating the same thing.
Heres a picture of the bread and olive oil they bring to your table before your meal. Being that we both love bread, we ate 2 of these. Heres one of our meal. It was a pasta with butter, garlic sauce and chicken and asparagus. We didn't even have room for dessert.
Heres a photo of us after our meal. We went shopping after to walk off the meal.

Have a good night everyone! I'll post some layouts tomorrow.

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